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Professor Dr. Myung Woo Sik is the founder of MYUNG POWER™ ENERGY. He is a world-class scientist with a Doctorate in Physics from Japan . He was awarded Degree Certificate by The World Scholar's Screening Association and certified by The Scientific Health Research Institute Of Japan in 1997. Besides, there are numerous of other international recognition was awarded for his outstanding discovery. He is also known as the "Father of Bio-Activated Energy" in Japan .

Professor Dr. Myung is also the Founder and Chairman of Dongyang Techno s-Science Institute in Pusan , South Korea , a Researching and Developing in Bio Activated Energy products company for the past 20 over years.

With the tremendous success of the MYUNG POWER™ Technology in Japan and Korea for the past 20 years, Professor Myung decided that it is time to bring his amazing discovery - MYUNG POWER™ ENERGY - AND ITS BENEFITS TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN ASIA AND SHARE WITH THE WORLD. He had submitted his discovery to be nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Prize.

Degree Certificate from Health Science Research Association
Gold International Award in Conjunction with Invention Convention-Bulbie & Inventions Awards Ceremony,USA.
Ranking Certificate as Commandorian Cross from Sbigneus Casimir, Prince Grand Master.
Certificate from The World Scholar's Study Screening Association, USA & Japan.

" Mankind today has been created many of the problems plaguing in modern society. As we stand together and look to the future, through the use of MYUNG POWER™ Energy, it is possible to see the dawn of a new day where the problems facing us have a real and achievable solutions on a scale of magnificient to bestow upon the entire world as we have the power to change tommorow into happy and healthy place for ourselves and our descendent "......

"The ideal of Humankind", by Professor. Dr. Myung Woo Sik.

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