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Myung Power™ Energy is a new form of life enhancing energy that is important for sustaining good health in all forms. It can be explained using the modern science of Quantum Mechanics.

Myung Power™ Energy is basically an induced energy attained from the transformation in the electron configuration of a substance. It is generated when a continuous flow of electrons is being emitted naturally in pulsation using Quantum Induction Technology, discovered by Prof Dr. Myung Woo Sik in 1974. Since then, millions of people all over Japan and Korea have benefited from this amazing discovery. Now, you can benefit from It too!

Performance Index of Myung Power™ Energy Activated Cells

The cell is in a lethargic state due to its exhausion. No refurnishment of Energy, unless food is consumed. Raises the activation energy of the cell to carry out various cellular activities.

Main Function of Myung Power™

  1. MP will activate the main element of composition of our body - the CELL.
  2. MP will activate the main source of our body - the WATER. (MP water's atom will have cohesive power and smaller cluster of water)
  3. MP will stimulate our body's own defenses and mechanism.
  4. MP will protect us against any radiation and magnetic waves that is harmful to our body.
  5. MP will maximize and strengthen the efficiency level of our immune system.
  6. MP will release incredible energy which has the ability to revive or recover the living system within our body.
  7. MP will make you a new healthy being.

11 Vital Health Benefits of Myung Power™

  1. Reduces the occurance of diseases and illness.
  2. Slows down the irreversible aging process.
  3. Attain the vitality and stamina.
  4. Improve memory power and concentration.
  5. Removal of harmful toxic wastes from the cells.
  6. Reduces muscular aches and pains.
  7. Increases activation of cells.
  8. Produces healthy immune system (antibodies)
  9. Protect cellular DNA molecule against harmful ionizing radiation.
  10. Produces healthy growth of cell in human, plants and animal.
  11. It optimizes the cellular activities of our bones.


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