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Easy to Paste, Relieve Body Pain & Discomfort
Everyone suffers from pains and aches from minor to major pains will do anything to relieve instantly. Myung Power™ Wonder Seal does just that. It is an amazing round sticker with Myung Power™ Energy to give instant relieve and recovery. It is very handy and best for first-aid kit when traveling.

To relieve any aches, bruises, stiffness in neck, shoulder, back and joint pains, swollen feet etc. Improve blood circulation, stimulate autonomic nervous system and activate cells of your body.

Direction of use:
Peel MP Wonder Seal from the cut edges of adhesive paper and stick it on the exact spot and nearby areas of the pain. Also, very useful to be placed on acupunctural points for stimulation on area concern. Use 3-5 seals at home at one time from maximum effect. Leave the seal on for 3-5 days and continue to replace it until the pain disappears. (you can leave the seal on while shower)

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