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Activated cells and increase your immune system, giving you healthy and vibrant body.
The Myung Power™ Living Energy, was the first health product, that was developed by Professor Dr. Myung Woo Sik in 1974. The Myung Power™ Living Energy carries the precious "life enhancing potential energy", that is essential for the optimal healthy function of the human and plant cells. The Myung Power™ Living Energy contains activated free electrons, that is induced within its molecular structure and carries ionized potential energy and kinetic energy of motion. The ionized free electrons generated within its water molecules, by altering the electronic configuration of water molecules, using a continuous chain of spontaneous oxidation-reduction, manifested by the Quantum Induction Technology. The Myung Power™ Energy molecules, that are energized is called "Living", because they are able to deliver the appropriate energy, needed to activate the individual cells (often in a lethargic, exhaustive, low energetic state), so that all important cellular functions can be executed in an optimal manner and hence prolong the lifespan of the cells, tissues and organs. Regular usage of Myung Power™ Living Energy, strengthen the immune system of our body to combat against any diseases and thus, keep us in a very healthy condition.


  • Ensures excess of minerals as well as toxins such as heavy metals are flush away from the cells of our body.
  • Prevent distortion of the polarity of the cells which is fatal when diseases such as cancer occur.
  • Maintain a constant, harmonious and balanced inner and outer membrane of cells and hence, prevents ill-health and ageing.

Direction of use:
2-3 sprays each time on all parts of your body, any drinks, on wounds, cuts, etc. Use as frequently as possible. Store at room temperature.

FDA and ISO Certified:
Donyang Technos Science Research Institute & Donyang Technos Co.,Ltd being obtained the Certificate of Endorsement from ISO and FDA


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