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Preserve Your Radiance ~ for a fresh and glowing skin
Myung Power™ Face Mask was specially developed to prevent and promote skin metabolism from turning dry and dull. Myung Power™ Energy combines with effective natural ingredients in a unique active response to re-energize skin's natural cellular activities to work at peak efficiency. The result? Softer, more supple, younger - acting skin and maintain that great glow over time.

Each face mask consist of Myung Power™ Energy, Vitamin A, C, B5, gingko nut extract, carrot extract, chrysanthemum extract, aloe extract and milk protein. Myung Power™ Face Mask suitable for all skin types.

Improves hydration, rejuvenate, tones, increase elasticity, energized and revitalizing the skin appearance.

Direction of use:
Myung Power™ Face Mask can be used everyday or every 4-6 days, or as often as you like. (typical frequency of use is about twice a week.)

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