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Pure Tongkat Ali water-solule extract - Better Health Living & Vitality for MEN
ENE-G Power 1 Tongkat Ali scientifically known as Eurycoma Longifolia jack, is a tree native to the South East Asian region.

This product is 100% natural and water-solue with no artifcial additives or impurities. Essentially it contains nothing butnatural and organic componentsthe huan body can readily metabolise. An important reason for this is the unique 100% water-soluble eatraction method which efficiently extracts only the essence of the roots, with no unnecessary additives or impurities such as sawdust.

In addition, ENE-G Power 1 has been induced with Myung Power Quantum Induction Technology to give maximum efficiancy and potency to our body cells. Hence, Ene-G Power 1 clearly gives superior technologica advantages ompared to other Tongkat Ali in the market. This distinction in quality is derived fro technology reakthrough in traditional medicine.


  • Contains 100% pure Energy Water - solule extract of the highest quality roots.
  • Undergo strigent maufacturing process under ISO9001 standard
  • Contaminant FREE
  • FREE from prohibited ingredients
  • Vegetable capsule
  • Contains NO sawdust, gounded roots or other parts of the plant

Direction of use:
Twice a day with 2 capsules each

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