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DO NOT Use A Cell Phone Without It!

BIO-SAFE® is the first product of its type in the world. The unique three-layer construction of BIO-SAFE® eliminates electromagnetic waves passing through or around it and converts them to harmless heat. BIO-SAFE® consists of Ferrite Ceramic, Flexible carbon megneto-electronic wave absorbing material and proprietary MYUNG POWER™ sheet using Quantum Induction Technology.

As electromagnetic waves emitted by devices all round us in our modern society that are harmful to our health - even to the point of causing cancer. BIO-SAFE® allows us to work and live in a safer environment, and Free from electromagnetic radiation.

Protect your Health and your family's Health, NOW!

BIO-SAFE® will protect you from the affects of many types of electromagnetic energy such as that produced close to body by cellular phones, microwave ovens, electric shavers and hair dryers. It is also effective on any other types of electromagnetic wave emissions devices, such as computers, computer monitor, etc.

Direction of use:
Simply put on the back of your cell phone or on others electric appliances. And get protected.

BIO-SAFE® is tested and approved by the Japanese Hyogo State Industrial Center, Japan.

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