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MYUNG POWER Business Building System is organized into step-by-step program designed to expand your skills and understanding as you grow.

  • Phase 1 Career Development Program
  • Phase 2 Leadership Development Program
  • Phase 3 Organization Development Program

On-going seminars are available to all Distributors no matter what level of achievement or size of business. Learn how to build business, prospecting with power, coaching for results. You can participate yourself in all the Business Training and learn from the expert, gain insight from the corporate executives, hear from Product Experts and more.

Not only is our product unique, the Business Marketing System we have developed to help you share the MYUNG POWER ENERGY TM with the world is unlike any other. It makes the duplication process easier than ever, enabling you to quickly build your own dynamic organization.

  • Our system not only expedites the enrollment of new members, but it continually works to keep them involved, active, motivated and charging ahead.
  • Our system support members in step-by-step process, helping them to develop into the person they inspire to become to achieve success.
  • It provides multiple growth tracks for individual at different levels, while supporting them with the best tools and providing a track to run on.
  • It recognizes members for their achievement by showcasing and reinforcing new habit patterns and accomplishments. This result is duplication, personal growth and leadership development.

We offer you:

  • Global Business Opportunity
  • Powerful, Innovative Quantum Science Products
  • A Dedicated Customer Services
  • Personal Monitoring by Top Industry Expert
  • Process Success Business Plan?

At MYUNG POWER we give you the opportunity to be in "Business for yourself but not by yourself". In additional to providing solid training, marketing tools and business management support, we also support your business with a friendly Corporate staff - including a dedicated call center with state-of-the-art facilities for you and your customers. From powerful presentation, exciting promotional items, our premium sales aids can enhance the success of your business.

All you need is Desire & Commitment!

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